League and Club Total Admin Made Easy

Club Treasurer

  • Full Accounts Package included with the  SportsAdmin system.
  • Player Match Fees are assigned to every player automatically when the team sheet is submitted.  Match Fees can be set at variable rates dependent on player’s status, the time they were involved in the game etc.
  • Money received from players are recorded on the submitted team sheet and automatically assigned to the player’s account.
  • Money received from players at times other than on match day are easily recorded and again updated onto their account.
  • Adjustments to Players Accounts can be made easily,  for example it might be decided to give a player a rebate for driving to an away game.
  • Money collected by a Club Officer, like the Team Manager, on match day is assigned to that Player/Officer  so the Treasurer knows how much was collected, less money paid out like that to the Referee, and knows who is currently holding those funds.  These funds can subsequently be transferred  online from that Official to the Treasurer when it is physically handed over, so there is a trail of where the money is.
  • All Receipts and Payments are recorded and the various individual accounts maintained, whether they be by cash, cheque or online payment.
  • All bank transactions recorded and accounts maintained whether they be Cash Current Account, Deposit Account etc.
  • The ability to transfer funds from one account to another by the click of a button.
  • Total report download facility, sorting by every conceivable variant.
  • All Income and Expenditure Reports available making the presentation to the AGM or Committee meetings very easy and quick.