League and Club Total Admin Made Easy

Team Manager

  • Team selection has never been easier, pick the squad and every player selected receives a message informing them of the game, where it is, who the opponents are and the kick off time.  The Manager can also add a note to the message for instance “Meeting at pub car cark at 1.30pm”.
  • Players reply to the message using the auto link of “Accept” or “Reject” and that updates the team selection so the manager can see at a glance who can and who can’t play.
  • Players have the ability to close a game, maybe they are away on holiday or injured and when they have done so it prevents the Manager from selecting them on that date, making it easier for the Manager to know who is or isn’t available.
  • Similarly if a player receives a suspension they cannot be selected for the duration of that ban, not only making it easier for the Manager but it prevents a mistake from being made.
  • No more hand writing out the team sheet before a game,  when the squad is selected the Manager can drag the players names into the different positions with 11 starters and a bench of players and then print off the number of copies he needs.
  • No more panicking just before the game to write out a team sheet for the referee or opponents merely hand them a  printed copy, they will like it better and you have more time to talk tactics to your players.
  • The team sheet includes a column where you can insert how much money each player pays on the day.  It also allows you to record any money paid out to the referee leaving a balance in hand.
  • After the game, when its convenient to you, edit the team sheet if any alterations were made,  show if a substitute made an appearance and when and who for, record the score, any goal scorers, any cautions or dismissals and give the referee a mark, then hit the submit button and that team sheet is then locked and submitted to the League.  No team sheet to write out or post it couldn’t be easier.
  • Again after the game and when it’s convenient to you, go to the match day finance page and select the specific game you want to update.  The system will have automatically placed a match fee against each player based on the length of time they played and their status but these can be altered if necessary.  For instance you may have just played a player for a short period and told him that you wouldn’t charge him so this can be reflected by a quick edit to the match fee charged.   You then insert against each player any amount of money they paid on the day, record the expenses and who collected the money, the system will show you the net amount in hand.  All the players accounts will be updated.
  • The next game is even easier because the system will automatically upload the same squad that was used in the previous game so all the manager has to do is make any changes to his squad that he wants to do.
  • Managers normally signed up to be a football coach and not an Accountant or Money Chaser so most hate the job of money collecting , recording or chasing players.  The system makes the job as easy as possible,  when printing a team sheet there is also the option to print off a sheet for all the players in the squad that day which shows the balance on their account.  Just having an automatically updated debt list available at every game makes the job of chasing players that much easier.