League and Club Total Admin Made Easy


  • Every Player is given password access to his own profile on the system where they can alter key information like changing their mobile number or email address.
  • Players can check their own,  but not others, finance account with the Club, it will show every amount of money charged to the player and funds received from the player giving a balance figure.
  • Players can close dates that they are not available to play, maybe they have a wedding to go to on a specific match day or maybe they have been given medical advice to take a few weeks off,  closing those dates helps the Team Manager when he is selecting his squad.
  • Players have access to all the public website pages, one of which is the “Players Stats” page which shows how many games they have played, from the start or off of the bench,  number of goals scored, cautions, dismissals etc.  Clicking on the magnifier it opens up to show every individual game.