League and Club Total Admin Made Easy

General Benefits

  • The Club gets its own unique website which can be personalised by the Club or if you already have one can be merged into the SportsAdmin League site.  Use your own domain name if you wish.
  • The Club Website is automatically linked to the League Website so that when fixtures are added on the League Website for any of your teams they will appear on your Club Website.  The Table of the Division your team is involved in appears on your Club Website with your team highlighted.
  • Real Cost savings, sending letters, team sheets etc by post is a thing of the past, everything can be sent via the system electronically.
  • There are dedicated pages that are populated automatically but you can add as many other pages as you wish and fill them with your own detail. 
  • Your Club Website includes a “Club Details” page which shows all opponents or referees your team colours etc and it also has a Google Map link which shows everybody where your ground is, they can print directions from their set off point to the ground.
  • Behind the public website is the secure “Admin Area” which is accessed only by password by Club Officers.   Each Officer is given access to the areas that concern them and not necessarily others.  For instance the Manager,  in most cases does not need access to say the Accounts pages so access to that area is denied.
  • Communication to all Members, Players or other Club Officers is performed by email through the system, either individually or in bulk and attachments can be added to all emails.  There is also an email log to check who has sent or received what.
  • The Manager can select his squad online and the system sends a message to each player letting them know that they have been selected for a specific game, where and when and the meeting time etc.  The player can reply to the message with an automatic accept or reject link.
  • If you run more than one team once one manager has selected a player he cannot then be selected to the other team unless he is first de-selected making it much easier for the managers to communicate with each other and their respective squads.
  • Once the squad has been selected the team sheet can be printed off and taken to the game, if you need to give copies to opponents or referees then simply print off more copies.
  • The manager can record on his copy of the team sheet the money paid by the players on the day which can be uploaded to the players accounts after the game.
  • The manager can print off a list of money owed by his current squad so chasing money from players is made simple.
  • The Team Sheet can be edited after the game and submitted to the League online and then locked so no further amendments can be made.
  • Players Stats are taken automatically from the submitted team sheet and displayed on the Club Website