League and Club Total Admin Made Easy

Club Secretary

  • Communication to all Members, Players or other Club Officers is performed by email through the system, either individually or in bulk and attachments can be added to all emails.  There is also an email log to check who has sent or received what.
  • No more phoning around to tell his fellow officers/committee members  of a proposed meeting, he can email them in one action attaching the Agenda or Minutes of the Last Meeting.
  • The General Secretary would normally have total access rights to every admin area so not only can he/she keep their eye on all Club activities he can step in and maintain an area whist one of his colleagues is on holiday if necessary.
  • He can check that other Officers have fulfilled their duty on time avoiding a League Fine,  for instance maybe team sheets have to be submitted with a specific time frame,  the Secretary can see if his team Managers have remembered to submit their team sheet on time and if not can give then a gentle nudge.
  • Players are registered online, merely add the players details to the system and hit the submit button and wait for the League Registration Secretary to approve the signing.
  • Once a Players’ details are on the system they never need to be added again, as soon as  the system recognises the name and date of birth it will fill the rest of the details.  If the player is already registered to another club then it will guide you through the Transfer process.
  • Clubs holding a players registration may reject a potential transfer to another club if the player owes them money until the debt has been cleared.
  • Some Leagues have a rule that players who have played at a higher level need to be reinstated back to their level to be able to play,  this can be achieved via the SportsAdmin system.
  • The General Secretary can see if any player is beginning to build up a bit of a debt to the Club and get involved if necessary.
  • When the County FA send the Club Secretary a notice of a booking or suspension of a player the system is updated and everybody that needs to know can be informed online and if the player is suspended he cannot be selected to play whilst his ban is in force.