League and Club Total Admin Made Easy

I am the Chairman of the Taunton Saturday League, a league made up of 50 plus teams set in five divisions with at least four cup competitions running alongside. The league is one of the few Charter Standard Leagues in the country.

Five years ago our leagues administration and behaviour patterns took a turn for the worse, with high fines, very poor administration from Clubs and Officers having difficulty to fulfil their duties.

It was decided to take a completely fresh approach to the situation. The Sports Admin System formed the main part of that change. It was designed by a Football Club Official for people in football with the emphasis on changing from a paper, letter, and phone cumbersome system to a paperless system hands on at a touch of a button.

Our clubs have taken to the system well with no problems, those secretaries who needed help were given tuition.

In the coming season all our account work which covers some £17,000.00 will go onto the system.

The information the system supplies also helps the Management Team to plot future policies and gives early warnings of problems ahead.

The biggest factor in its favour is that clubs like the system, work it well and from those old paper, post dominated days we are now used to an expect instance results and information.

I would recommend this system to any league, it was built by footballing people on the ground and that is its strength.

Colin Hill

Chairman of Taunton & District Saturday Football League