League and Club Total Admin Made Easy

League Registration Secretary

  • Clubs enter a proposed player registration on their Club Website which then sits on the League Website as “Pending”.  The Registration Secretary then Approves or Rejects the player registrations by the click of a button.
  • When the Player Registration is either approved or Rejected the Club receives an email telling them the player is now Registered for their Club or if Rejected the reason why.  If the player’s email address has been added to the system they to will also receive an email.
  • All Player Transfers are handled online with the Registration Secretary and current Club having three choices when notified of a potential Player Transfer.  They can accept, ask for 7 days notice or reject on the grounds of the player owing them money.  All relevant parties receive emails informing them of the current situation.
  • If your League requires Players to be reinstated from Senior status to Junior then this is also handled online.
  • Player Suspensions are added to the system preventing Clubs from selecting the players for their squad until the ban has expired.
  • Some Leagues insist on Player Identity Cards, this can be handled in a different way by the Player’s photo being added to their profile at the registration stage and this is then locked and cannot be altered during the current playing season, thus we believe,  eliminating the need for ID cards.
  • Teams submit their team sheets online so no more storing of huge amounts of paper and complicated filing systems.  Once submitted team sheets are locked and cannot be altered and are accessible to view by the click of a button.
  • A variety of reports can be downloaded regarding Player Registrations or Transfers etc.  which can be sorted by League, by Club or by month.
  • All player’s stats can be viewed by season.