League and Club Total Admin Made Easy

League Referee's Secretary

  • A record of all the Referee’s used by the League are maintained on the system with contact details.
  • A Referee can be appointed to every fixture and when done so they will receive an email informing them of the appointment.  They can then hit a link and either Accept or Reject the appointment and  if they accept their name appears on the League and Club Website as the game’s Official.
  • Referees are given their own unique password to the system which allows them to close specific dates or a group of dates which then prevents them from being selected for games on those days.
  • All Clubs submit their Team Sheets on the system online which will include the amount of money paid to the Referee in Match Fee and Expenses and also the mark awarded to them for the game.
  • Reports are available with the stats for all referees, the games they officiated, the marks they received and the match fee and expenses they charged.